Multi Stochastic

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MetaTrader multi timeframe Stochastic indicator that displays the value of the Stochastic indicator on all timeframes as well as the direction (up/down).
- display Stochastic value for different timeframes
- display arrow up/down for Stochastic rising/falling
Multi Stochastic
Metatrader multi-frame Stochastic indicator
The multiframe Stochastic indicator draws, in a separate window so it doesn't interfere with the the chart and the other indicators, a table showing the Stochastic indicator values for all timeframes, including the current frame. Besides these values, the Stochastic multi indicator also draws an arrow to show whether the Stochastic is rising (going up) or falling (going down). A legend is displayed as well to explain traders what the colors mean.
Multi Stochastic

The settings easy, just enter the Stochastic values as you would normally do, and they will reflect on all timeframes.

You can download this Metatrader indicator free from here.