New dollar highs for the day as London/European traders exit

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  • EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, CAD and NZD make new highs as traders exit for the day

The USD is making new highs as London/European traders exit for the day. Apart from the AUDUSD, the other major currencies are trading at new session high.

  • The EURUSD is breaking below its 2022 low price and 0.99515. The low price reached 0.99269 so far. The current prices trading at 0.9932 just above that level. Real close risk now comes in against the old low and 0.99515. The following 100 bar moving average of the five minute chart is way up at 0.9991 choices near the low price from the London morning session at 0.9988. Over time the 100 bar moving average of the five minute chart is going to start to accelerate more to the downside. However sellers remain in firm control. The price is moving away from the parity level. The price is trading at the lowest level since 2002
EURUSD falls to a new session low
  • The GBPUSD also moved to a new year low below 1.1759 and in the process is trading at the lowest level since the March 2020 lows on the pandemic lockdown. During that period, the price were found to 1.14083. The low price just reached 1.17409. So there is a lot of room to roam. An interim level might be 1.16377 which was a swing low from March 25, 2020.
GBPUSD falls to a new 2022 low

The USDJPY moved back up after testing some swing lows from Friday at 136.714. The price is there move above a player swing area between 137.37 and 137.456. Stay above keeps the buyers firmly in control. Other support comes between 136.91 and 137.152.

USDJPY moves to a new high going to July 22
  • The USDCHF has already made it to its 100 day moving average target at 0.96459. The high price reached 0.96582 so far. The price has entered into a swing area establish over the last two months between 0.9646 and 0.9667.
USDCHF are above the 100 day MA and into a swing area.

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